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The FoxSeal Chest Seal is an occlusive dressing for the treatment of open chest wounds. It is designed to be a tool to prevent pneumothorax in a patient. It comes in a pack with two seals in a compact foiled seal pack and the dressings are all latex-free. The pack has all the product information printed on the outside, so you can clearly see how to actually use the dressing. And also on the back is the manufacturing code and the expiry date. Before using this, inspect all of the outside to make sure it is not damaged, because if it has been damaged, it will affect how sterile the dressing is and also its ability to stick on the skin. The dressing is suitable for wounds up to 15 centimetres. The adhesive is specially designed to stick to wet or hairy skin, and it is compact enough to fit in most first aid kits without folding it, which can damage the packaging. The adhesive is designed to work in extreme conditions. There are two seals per pack, which will allow for the treatment of an entry and an exit wound, or two individual injury sites.

The dressing has not got a valve on it, and the chest can be vented with an easy-to-grip tab. FoxSeals are easy to apply. First, wipe the area to remove any dirt and fluid from around the wound. And to actually open the packet, you will see four little notches on each corner. These are just to make it easy and quick to open. So hold on to the packaging, and then you can just tear it open. Once you have got the packet open, remove these seals from the pack. And if you look, you will see there is the seals themselves and the plastic liner. Here you have got some tabs for applying them easily. To remove the FoxSeal, first of all, hold the plastic in one hand and then the tab separately, and you can just pull that away. Once we have done that, we have now got the seal. And this side here is the sticky side. So what we need to do with that is then place that on the centre of the dressing, lining up with the center of the wound. So the sticky side goes straight against the skin. Once you have got the seal onto the skin, firmly press it to make sure that you get a really good seal on the skin. If you need to vent the wound, you can use the tab and pull it away to actually allow a little bit of the air out and then you can pop it back in place.

  • IPOSi Unit three LO3.1, 3.2, 3.3 & 3.4