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ProTrainings can help you to meet all your Health and Safety and first aid training requirements through a mixture of accredited online, blended, and classroom courses nationwide, ensuring that you use the best, most cost effective training options available.

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Brian - Volunteer from Isle of Bute

“this course is very helpful and very clear to understand ”

Wayne - operations manager from Blaenau Gwent

“Course was extremely informative. Thank you ”

Bryan Lee - No occupation from Aude

“Honestly an excellent course, perfectly adapted to those who are often traveling. The videos were extremely clear and interesting, for personal profesionalisme and satisfaction so pleased to learn so much and update so many things in a simple but complete way. Thank you very much for the quality of service you provide. Look forward to my refresher in 2023 Bryan”

Andrew - security manager

“very good and easy to get around ”

Filippo from Down

“videos are engaging and easy to follow, also interchange in location adds more of a in-person feel to the training. overall very informative and detailed.”

Lucy - Security and Medic from Staffordshire

“Very informative and covered a lot of topics/subjects. Some I didn't expect. Some topics were regarding things that are very common and useful techniques but also things that are less common and only likely in extreme cases and conditions. I feel very well equipped to provide good medical care from now on in many different situations, locations environments to a large variety of people. And this course provides great additional benefits to aid learning, even after the course and test. Thank you! ”

Peter from HAMPSHIRE

“The training was comprehensive and easy to understand, the videos also provided an in-depth dive into each subject and could be repeatedly watched. I have thoroughly enjoyed this course and would recommend it to individuals new to First Aid and those looking for a refresher. ”

Ian M from Durham

“A very comprehensive and informative course.”

Seay Paul Gary - Security Advisor from CO Durham

“Loved the course, The videos are delivered in small doses, with notes available. allowing time to digest each segment. ”

Beverlie - Sales Manager from Manchester

“Loved my course. The videos advising and demonstrating each subject were a suitable, easy learning style for me. ”

Robert from Northumberland

“Concise tutorial instruction and excellent demonstration videos ”

Aaron from Surrey

“there is allot more i know about the questions, the questions didnt go into detail about the equipment part. i feel as if my score should have been half (the wrong answers) cba ”

Gregory - Seaman from NORFOLK

“Excellent videos and professionally delivered by people who clearly know their stuff. Well done.”

Marcus Wesley - CP Operative from NT

“Absolutely fantastic course. It was so easy to pick up the information through the use of the manual and videos. Highly recommended”

George - ENGINEER from Durham

“An amazing course for someone with little experience at the start of this”

Bryan Lee - No occupation from Aude

“Excellent course. The videos are amazing and really well designed. ”

Stephen - Security from Lancashire

“Very knowledgeable course”

Dale - CEO from Buckinghamshire

“I appreciated the opportunity to do the course and test in my own time from home. Very informative content videos, and having done first aid courses within the military and private security industry for the last 20 years, still learned some valuable new things.”

Mr - Close protection officer from Tyne and Wear

“Very well described, fantastic insights”


“This online first aid responder level 3 course is delivered to an excellent high standard, with clear, precise videos and verbal instructions. A superb tool to keep your own personal first-aid skills up to date.”